What to expect on Sundays

Our congregation meets in an industrial building.  Our dress is casual.  Our people are very friendly.  Many of our members congregate in the lobby before the service to visit.  Feel free to grab a cup of coffee to take into the service with you. The service starts at 10:30am, but it is not uncommon for folks to continue to trickle in after that.


Families attend the first part of the service together (except for babies to pre-schoolers - who can check into the nursery area at 10:20am or you are welcome to use the Cry Room at the rear of the auditorium).  Our worship time is contemporary, with some members who raise their hands, some don't, some sing, some do sign language, and some don't sing at all.  This is your time to worship God as you are comfortable.


After worship the children and young adults (K-12th) are dismissed to their classes.  We have our greeters at the back to help children find their classes.  If your children are more comfortable having you escort them to their class, that is fine too.


The congregation now takes a time to greet one another.  You will pick up quite quickly that our church family likes to hug one another. However, we are respectful to our visitors and assume you may not want to hug. But if you want, or need, a hug please feel free.  If as you continue to attend, you just aren't a hugger, put out your hand and you can limit the hugging.


We will then have a time of greeting and announcements.  In the seat backs there is something we call a "Welcome Card".  We hope you will consider providing your information, any questions or comments you have.  We will only contact you if you ask.  These cards are also used to submit prayer requests/praises for our prayer team.  If you find you don't have enough time to fill out the card before the offering (which happens immediately following) you can place the card in the "Prayer Request" box on the counter in the lobby.


Our offering time consists of passing a basket for donations.  As a guest we do not expect you to participate, unless you feel called.


Our Pastor delivers a sermon that typically last about 35 min.  There is an ASL intrepreter who stands at his side intrepretering for our Deaf and hard of hearing members.  When the Pastor references Bible verses you can use your own Bible, use a Bible app on your phone or just read the passage on the large screen.  Often there is a small outline in the Worship Guide that you can use to take notes, if you wish.


Immediately following the service we have a time of fellowship, with light snacks and drinks.  We hope you will stay and meet some of our members.


We are happy you are considering joining us at Mission Springs.  We pray that this will become a place where you make wonderful connections with Jesus and His people.


If you still have questions, feel free to reach out.

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